It's no secret. We like to have a few drinks and fun in New York State. What is our favorite drinking game?

In the backwoods of Hamilton, growing up Beer Pong was always the classic game of choice. We used beer in the cups, and I was blown away to learn that people use water now. Either way....

Solitaire Bliss used Google search data to determine the Most Popular Drinking Games by State in 2022. They combed through more than 3,100 phrases such as “yard pong” and “beer die table” to figure out the most popular drinking games across the nation. Some states are a little more creative than others when it comes to their favorite game, while others prefer some tried and true classics.

What is New York State's most popular and favorite drinking game?- Beer Pong

Solitaire Bliss has determined that Beer pong is the most popular game in 7 states including New York, Nevada, and Oregon:

In addition to beer pong, another college classic, flip cup, was most popular in Arkansas, Delaware, and West Virginia. Some Midwest states (Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota) would like to test their luck (and safety) by playing Beersbee."

When it comes to the 30 biggest cities in the U.S., King’s Cup reigns supreme. Have you ever played? In Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, Indianapolis, San Diego, and St. Louis they are all fans of the card game. Meanwhile, Chicago and Cleveland are fans of the oldie-but-goodie drunk Jenga.

Are you more of a beer pong player, or King's? What game is your favorite? Text us on our app and let us know.

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