Utica Councilman and Mayoral candidate Joe Marino is pledging to restore term limits in the City of Utica.

Marino has signed three-point pledge that he says will restore term-limits and ensure that the voice of the people cannot be overturned without their approval.

Here are the proposals Marino signed:

  • He will outlaw any referendum from being overturned without an additional referendum
  • He will restore Term-Limits back to Two Terms and NEVER change them without consent of the peoples vote
  •  He will honor the votes of the public and choose not to seek to run beyond 8 years, which was mandated by the people.

He was joined on Monday by Councilwoman Samantha Colosimo-Testa, former Councilman Ed Bucciero and former Utica Mayor David Roefaro, who all support term limits.

“Tomorrow is the day where people in the City can vote to voice their displeasure with the process and outcome of ignoring our voice. I fought hard with Joe against term limits extensions and am proud to stand with him today as the only elected officials actively choosing to respect the will of the people. As I exit the council, I know the only one I can trust in this mayors race is Joe for that reason.” Colosimo-Testa said.

Marino will face Mayor Robert Palmieri in Tuesday's Democratic primary.

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