Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri is highlighting his strategy to improve transportation infrastructure in the City.

Palmieri, standing on Richardson Avenue where a road paving project is underway, says the transportation plan has five key components --patching, paving, parking. pathways and partners.

The Mayor says they'll be looking to the federal government for help funding the projects.

"We can't just keep throwing money into the same places without addressing the whole picture," Palmieri said. "The City is growing at this point and we want to make sure that growth is accompanied by a way to park, drive, walk, bike and get around. We're a Northeastern City with a limited budget, so we have to be smarter with our dollars on top of working as hard as we possibly can."

Palmieri says for the third straight year, the City is investing $5 million in paving.

He says that includes paving 49 stretches of road that amounts to 11 miles of City streets.

The road paving projects are expected to be completed by the fall.

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