Utica, NY (WIBX) - City of Utica Mayor, Rob Palmieri has instituted a new office dress code for certain members of his administration. The newly inaugurated mayor says the aim is to bring a more professional look to the office, which creates a more professional atmosphere to better serve city residents. He said, "What we're doing at this point is we're taking little strategies that I think make a tremendous impact on the perception of not only the City of Utica, but the professionalism that we are going to bring to the people."

Palmieri says first impressions are important and wants his department heads to put their best foot forward at all times. "When people come to City Hall, or I have department heads that are out, they need to look professional, act professional and the dress code at this point is going to be; a sports jacket, suit or tie as long as you're a department head. That's what we're looking for and as I said throughout my campaign, the only thing we have to offer is service and it doesn't cost anymore money to give the service that is out there, and I think when people come to City Hall we are going to treat them with the utmost repect, do whatever we can to help them out and we're going to dress the part and make sure we look professional for them," Palmieri said.

Palmieri says the reaction so far has been very positive, and points to his background in sales for his position on proper dress code. He said a person typically has only 3-seconds to make a good first impression.

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