Microsoft detailed the specifications of its new Xbox One during the Tuesday Xbox Reveal event.

The Xbox One will be incredibly more powerful than the Xbox 360. The next gen console will include 5 billion transistors, along with 8GB RAM powering what the company calls the Xbox One Architecture. It will also include a 8 core CPU with a 64-bit architecture. There will also be a Blu-ray drive and compatibility with USB 3.0. The system will be practically silent, and use a 500GB hard drive. Though the hard drive will not be removable, according to Engadget, external hard drives can be connected via the three USB ports for added storage for all types of information, including installed games.

As for Kinect, the motion peripheral has been improved as well, and will be able to capture video in 1080p at 30 frames per second. Better yet, the new Kinect will be able to detect users all the way down to the limb, and can understand muscle impact, and has a much improved sense of depth. There will also be active-infrared vision in the Kinect, which will allow to work in nearly any lighting situation and rooms of any size.

The new Xbox One controller will include an integrated batter (finally), and will work across Wi-Fi. Additionally, the new controller will include a infrared LED so the Kinect can easily identify the player. With added and improved SmartGlass tech, all the items will work together seamlessly to provide a fully-integrated experience.

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