There is nothing more painful than a family pet going missing. For one Upstate New York household their worst nightmare has become a reality.

Emily and her daughters love their little Vladimir. He is a 4-year-old, fixed, male cat and is as friendly and outgoing as any dog. The indoor/outdoor cat rarely leaves the confines of his owners' property. Sometimes he roams the block, but never goes too far.

Tuesday is the last time Emily saw little Vlad and his disappearance has the family distraught. Vladimir is missing from Covent Street in the Town of Croghan in Lewis County. The owner, Emily, bottle fed the little guy as a kitten and was raised with four dogs. His friendliness mirrors that of any pup and the owner feels someone may have inadvertently picked him up and took him in.

If you have seen this little cutie, you're asked to call Emily at 315-681-0715. She believes he may still be alive as he never goes that far and there is no sign of any struggle or unfortunate accident. Those who have ever lost an animal know the turmoil Vladimir's family is going through. If you feel you have possibly seen the little guy, please reach out. With winter weather moving in quick, he deserves to be home with his loved ones.

Below you can see photos of the cute little guy. Owner Emily has been searching non-stop since the moment she realized he was missing. Just a little closure is all this family is asking for. Vladimir loves food and is addicted to chips. He is very friendly.

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