Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney would be the Republican nominee for President by a landslide if this was August 2016, according to new Zogby analytics poll released on Tuesday.

Romney had strong support across the board, leading all candidates among men (21%) and women (20%), moderates (27%) and conservatives (19%), and among Born

Mitt Romney
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Again/Evangelical Christians (23%). Christie's best showing is among the nearly one in four voters who describe themselves as moderates (21%), while Paul's support is about 10%-12% across the board.

Graphic by WIBX
Graphic by WIBX

The poll of 315 likely Republican primary voters was conducted online on August 13th through 15th.

"What is most impressive to me is the 23% support he receives from self-described Born Again voters," said pollster John Zogby.  "His closest rival among this group is Mike Huckabee with 14%. This was the group that was most troubled by Romney's leadership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and his strong showing in this poll not only shows a lead, but how other candidates are splitting the remainder. They alone represent almost half of GOP primary voters and their support is vital."

The Zogby Poll has a margin of sampling error of +/-5.6 percentage points.

"Romney's showing is no doubt due a lot to name recognition - after all he has been out campaigning for two full cycles already," said Zogby.  "But it also shows that he has not really hurt himself among the GOP base. In fact, in a field where no new candidate has distinguished himself or herself as dominant, Romney can certainly be a player," he added.

Zogby International is a polling firm located in Utica, owned and operated by national pollster and Utica native, John Zogby.

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