Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Today we will talk to Utica Fire Chief Russ Brooks about a major grant they've been awarded and we'll chat with Utica College Cyber-Security Professor Austen Givens about the hacking of CENTCOM social media.

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***Today’s Topics***


- CENTCOM social media gets hacked by apparent ISIS members, a woman in New Hartford gets arrested for stealing makeup, and it was Ohio State that prevailed in the National Championship game.

More Details on Woman Stealing Makeup:


- There is a new show on NBC called Slap, there are new search engines and ways of watching TV, a preacher admits to assaulting a child for being a jerk and not taking God seriously, and a stabbing occurs at a nursing home.


- We discuss international relations and the recent acts of terrorism in the world. We also talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel.


- Don Lemon and other moronic reporters, a man who was wrongly accused of murder dies after his release, George Zimmerman continues being crazy, and TO gets fired from Celebrity Apprentice.

Adam Goodman - Political Communications Strategist

- Mitt Romney goes from a "No" to "Maybe" in regards to running for President in 2016. Adam gives his thoughts on the announcement.


- We talk about the new NBC mini-series coming soon called "Slap."


- Columbia University did a list of the worst broadcasters and topping the list was Don Lemon. We also talk about bone head broadcasting moves, again with emphasis on Don Lemon.

Chief Russ Brooks - UFD

- The Utica Fire Department has received a $100,000 grant for their training tower.


- New TVs, The flu-shot, and Andrew continues to share his thoughts against it.

Penn and Teller Share Their Thoughts

Dr. Al Johnson - Flu Vaccines

- Dr. Johnson gives us his thoughts on flu shots and how to handle yourself when you're ill.

Professor Austen Givens - Utica College

- Professor Givens is from the Utica College Cyber-Security Dept. He is on to talk about the CENTCOM social media hacking and what information they may possibly have. He also discusses some ways to keep yourself safe from hacks.

Lottery Contest

- We pick three people Denice, JoJo, and Bill and we get numbers from them toward the Power Ball Jackpot!

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