Spring is near in Central New York. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of geese flocking to the area.

It's an annual event that has to be seen at least once. Massive flocks of geese migrate to the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge; a place that provides resting, feeding, and nesting habitat for thousands of birds.

Amateur photographer Stacy Brown has waited to capture the large flock of geese before. "It was amazing. We sat there for 3 hours as one flock at a time came in. Then you can just hear something change in their voices and poof they are in the sky. Incredible experience."

The "Route 31 Muck Flats" seem to be where the waterfowl party is at this year. The Montezuma Audubon Center said there is an estimate of 600,000 to 800,000 Snow Geese visiting the flooded fields. You'll also see thousands of different ducks. From Northern Pintail, American Wigeon, Northern Shoveler, Mallard, and Canada Geese, to thousands of swans.

Don't delay getting out to see them. Migration is predictably unpredictable, and we never know how long they'll stick around.

Montezuma Wetlands Complex is located in the middle of one of the busiest bird migration routes on the Atlantic Flyway. The refuge is in Seneca Falls, a short drive from Central New York.

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If you want to see the magical migration, remember the agricultural fields along the "Route 31 Muck Flats" are privately owned. Do not walk out into the fields or along the farm access roads to get a better view.

Getting too close and disturbing the birds may force them into the air, which is exhausting for them during migration. While it is amazing to see hundreds of thousands of geese flying at once, they do not need to be spooked unnecessarily and waste energy. Also, that is trespassing on private land.

There are places to pull off along Route 31 to get a good look at the geese. It's privately owned land, but bird watchers have been allowed to use the area for years. You can watch the migration in the video above or check out Brown's pictures below.

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It's an annual event you have to see at least once. Hundreds of thousands of geese flock to Montezuma Wetlands.

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