We all remember when we got our first car. It's always one of the best moments of our life.

My first vehicle was a 2005 Toyota Corolla and while it was used and wasn't exactly a perfect vehicle, it was mine and for a single person, it was perfect for me at that moment in time.

As we grow older we have priorities change, which means we have different needs for vehicles that we own.

Here in New York State, we have to deal with all four seasons; so a vehicle ideally should handle the intense heat and snowfall and cold weather. Some vehicles might handle some conditions but not all of them, which is something you need to consider in this region of the country.

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Which vehicles stand out above the rest in New York State?

According to Go Banking Rates, they compiled the best-selling cars in each state, including New York State.

For most states there seemed to be a pattern, including the region of the country that particular state was located in.

What's interesting is the strategy most people go with when purchasing a vehicle in this state; everyone has the same wants and needs by the looks of it. All four of these vehicles ride smoothly and check other important boxes as well.

Here are the four best-selling vehicles in New York State.

The 4 Best-Selling Cars in New York State

The four best-selling cars in New York State for 2022.

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