Mohawk Valley Health System will be offering relocation assistance and remediation relief for property owners located in the footprint of the new downtown Utica Hospital.

At new conference on Tuesday, Chief Operating Officer Bob Scholefield says the MVHS Board has approved two major steps to address property owners' needs and concerns.

  • Up to $1 million in relocation funding for affected property owners in the project footprint, to support businesses looking to relocate within the City of Utica or Oneida County.
  • Property owners in the footprint of the new campus will not be responsible for addressing environmental issues caused by previous owners.

If the current property owner is not responsible for environmental issues found on the property, he or she will not be expected to remediate the property,” said  Scott Perra, President and CEO of MVHS.  “MVHS will take care of any necessary remediation once the property is acquired. Based on our conversations with property owners, this will come as very positive news.”

Meanwhile, the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties will hire a new full-time project coordinator to help affected businesses identify potential options and funding for relocation.

Jeff Monaksi, WIBX
Jeff Monaksi, WIBX

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