Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi is hoping to connect upstate businesses with downstate food companies who don't have the space to expand their operations.

Joining WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning, Brindisi explained how this opportunity developed, and goes on to explain there are about 20 downstate businesses - especially in Brooklyn - interested in at least exploring the possibility of moving some of their manufacturing upstate.

Did you know, for example, the dough in the pizza at Yankees Stadium, 'Famous Familia's', is made at Diorio's in Utica?

Well, it is.

''What alot of the companies in Brooklyn have found, because there is now room to expand down there, is that they are looking out of state because there is no database for them to go to,'' Brindisi said.

''We had a survey that was done back in May of about 70 companies in New York City. We've had a response of about 20 companies that are interested in partnering with a business upstate. Now, we're trying to plan some type of trip where they can come up here and see first hand, because if they're not comfortable with a local company it's not going to work,'' he said, hoping to create partnerships similar to the Brooklyn Brewing Company and the F.X. Matt Brewing company.

NanoTech coming soon?

When directly asked about rumors of a nanotech company coming to the SUNY IT campus, Brindisi said, ''I can't spill the beans right now, but I can tell you there are good things coming. A lot of it is on the governor's timetable...there has been a lot of hard work and effort to get companies in there and I'm hopeful it's going to payoff and we'll see some jobs coming to the area.''

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