The last time the Utica College Men's Hockey team played officially was back on March 7th, when Utica won the UCHC championship with a 6-2 win over Wilkes University. Utica was the favorite to win the Division III NCAA Men's Championship that ultimately would never be played because of COVID-19. Now, it looks like we're about to start the 2020-21 season and based on the NCAA Tournament schedule, it will be an abbreviated season.

Utica Head Coach Gary Heenan recently told WIBX's Keeler Show that his team was getting ready to kick off the 2020-21 season, although no official schedule has been posted as of yet. Now, the NCAA has posted their schedule and location for the Division III NCAA Men's Hockey tournament.

The NCAA announced Monday that it will have predetermined sites for all winter national tournaments, including Division III men’s and women’s hockey.

For D-III men, the timeline is as follows:

First Round (one game): Thursday, March 18
Quarterfinals (four games): Saturday, March 20
Semifinals (two games): Thursday, March 25
Final: Friday, March 26

Bids may propose host variations that: 1) combine rounds (e.g., first round and quarterfinals); 2) host more than one quarterfinal game at the same site; 3) accommodate hosting all nine teams for the entirety of the championship within the same venue; or 4) offer more than one venue in same locale.

The D-III women’s tournament will be all at one site:

Quarterfinals: Friday, March 19
Semifinals: Saturday, March 20
Final: Monday, March 22


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