One of the most popular video game series is being turned into a live-action television show on Amazon Prime and they are using a local college as one of the sets.

If you have a video game console then you have most likely heard of the Fallout series. The award-winning series has produced some of the most popular RPG games in the last decade. The Fallout fan base is about to get a lot bigger.

According to Variety, the plot will be true to the games. It will take place in the year 2077 featuring the story of vault dwellers living in bunkers who escaped a nuclear apocalypse. Kyle MacLachlan has been cast in the series along with Xelis Medes-Jones and Aaron Moten.

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Details on the project have been pretty secretive but it is currently in production throughout New York.

A few weeks ago the crew was spotted filming at an old Shoprite location on Long Island and just a few days ago the crew was seen filming here locally in the Hudson Valley.

Behind-the-scenes pictures of the set at SUNY Ulster were recently posted on the Hudson Valley Film Commission's Facebook page.

At SUNY Ulster we got a peek of what appears to be the legs of a power armor suit. This could hint that something pretty epic might happen during the show.

Fallout TV series

Here are some more photos that include the iconic vault suit and possibly the interior of a vault.

Fallout TV series

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