The New Hartford Central School District has moved the high school to full virtual learning next week due to the additional spread of a COVID-19 outbreak. Meanwhile, the ban on extra-curricular sports that was lifted Friday afternoon, has now been reinstated.

The Timeline

All New Hartford schools went virtual on Friday due to a COVID outbreak. Later on Friday, a letter from Superintendent Robert Nole sent to the community in the afternoon, resumed normal class schedules starting on Monday, and lifted the restriction on extra-curricular activities, despite three individuals testing positive. On Saturday evening, a different letter from Nole was sent out stating that "9 staff members and more than sixty students were impacted by the (COVID) event," and as a result there was a significant impact on staffing and the student body which left the district no other choice but to go virtual at the senior high.

Nole said New Hartford Senior High would move to fully remote for the week of November 16-20. "There will be no in-person classes on campus, including special education programs. All other campuses (junior high and elementary) will remain open."

Nole added in a letter to parents and students that "all district-wide extra-curricular activities are once again cancelled, until further notice." This weekend is the final weekend of fall sports.

A Positive That Was a Positive for Athletes

The 24-hour impasse on New Hartford's ban on extra-curricular activities allowed for the boys and girls soccer teams to play in their respective Tri-Valley League championship games on Saturday. The New Hartford girls defeated Whitesboro at home 3-1 to win the TVL title. The New Hartford boys also won the TVL championship with a 1-0 win, also over Whitesboro.

Today's game ends the season as there will be no Section III playoffs due to COVID restrictions.

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