It's tough to predict the future. And, even tougher to predict the course of a relatively new virus that continues to undergo various mutations as it circles the globe.

With school set to return in approximately six weeks for many across the Mohawk Valley, Whitesboro Superintendent Brian Bellair issued a letter to parents, teachers and the entire district community on Monday that is uniquely honest and straightforward. When it comes to protocols, restrictions, or requirements related to COVID-19 for the upcoming school year, the letter essentials says: We're not sure, but we'll let you know when we know more
The letter reads, in part:

At this time, we have not yet received formal guidance from state or local officials as to what the protocols and procedures will be for the fall.  Upon receipt of any official guidance, we will seek input from stakeholders with respect to those issues over which the District has latitude with respect to decision making.  While we do not know when this will be received, be assured we will communicate with you as soon as possible thereafter.

Additionally, Bellair notifies parents that they will soon be asked to take a voluntary survey regarding the vaccination status of students 12 and older, while staff will be asked to provide information on their own status. Both surveys, he writes, will be ''voluntary and anonymous.''

Bellair also added, ''...more precise knowledge of our District vaccination rates for eligible students and staff will assist us with making local decisions if/as permitted.''

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