In the near future, a trip from Buffalo to Albany could be a little quicker. Perhaps it is time for New York State to increase the speed limit to 70?

The new year is coming and that means there will be new laws and policies in place for New York State. Much of the attention will be on being more energy efficient over the next several years. Even making sure that new builds are powered and heated by electricity and not fossil fuels. Bu maybe we can look at being more efficient in other areas as well.

At the beginning of the school year, Governor Hochul signed legislation pertaining to cameras in school zones.

But along certain areas of the New York State Thruway or other highways and freeways, perhaps we can look at adding a few more miles an hour to the limit. Let's be honest, most drivers on the Thruway are already cruising along at 75-ish. So a jump from 65-70 doesn't seem to much of a stretch. Obviously we all should take in account the weather and conditions. But let's get New York moving back and forth a little more quickly.

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