The New York State Division of Human Rights has filed a complaint against Amazon, accusing the e-commerce giant of discrimination in New York.

Governor Kathy Hochul announced the action today.

"My administration will hold any employer accountable, regardless of how big or small, if they do not treat their workers with the dignity and respect they deserve," Hochul said. "New York has the strongest worker protections in the nation and was one of the first to have protections for workers who are pregnant and those with disabilities. Working men and women are the backbone of New York and we will continue to take a stand against any injustice they face."

The complaint accuses Amazon of discrimination against disabled and pregnant workers.

It alleges the company forces pregnant women and workers with disabilities to take unpaid leaves rather than give them reasonable worker accommodations.

The Division of Human Right has received numerous complaints where a pregnant worker was forced to lift numerous packages over 25 pounds.

The Division alleges that another Amazon worker was improperly denied accommodations when they requested a modified work schedule due to a documented disability.

The New York State Human Rights Law requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for those who are pregnant or disabled.

Unpaid leaves of absence for both sets of employees is another part of the complaint.

Amazon operates 23 worksites with over 39,000 workers across New York State,

Civil fines and penalties are being sought by investigators.

The Division of Human Rights is empowered by law to investigate and prosecute systematic patterns of discrimination through their Division Initiated Action Unit.

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