Utica is New York's Capital for a Day, and anticipation is building that he will make a "big" announcement.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo calling today's announcement a "transformative moment." Governor Cuomo announced the creation of thousands of jobs as a part of what has been dubbed "Nano Utica." General Electric and AMS are confirmed and GE is calling their new venture Silicon-Carbide Valley, (The next revolution in power).

General Electric announced a $200 Million investment in Nano Utica with approximately 470 jobs with an average salary of $91,000 a year. While AMS AG, the global sensor technology company, is expected to invest $4 Billion in the new Nano-Marcy facility.  Total jobs created immediately will be somewhere between 2,400 and 2,500

The total investment between GE and AMS is approximately $5.5 Billion.

Governor Cuomo gave praise to legislators for making #NanoUtica happen including Destito, Picente, Griffo, and Brindisi.

WIBX is carrying the news conference live beginning at approximately 11:00 AM on WIBX950AM and wibx950.com.


Here is the Twitter feed from the #NanoUtica announcement: