The arrival of the new year means a lot of new things for us in New York.

Not only do we have all of the New Years' Resolutions that we're embarking on this year, but there are also a ton of new laws that are on the books that take effect in 2023.

There are some new benefits that workers in New York are now entitled to, along with a nice pay raise for those who work a minimum-wage job.

But minimum wage workers aren't the only ones in the Empire State who are getting pay raises this year.

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Right before she was inaugurated for her next term as Governor, Kathy Hochul signed a new bill that gave lawmakers in New York a huge raise. That raise now makes legislators in New York the highest-paid state legislators in the country.

New York State Senate Bill S9617 / Assembly Bill A10730 has given our state representatives a $32,000 per year raise, or a 29% over their previous salary. The base salary for a New York State Senator or Member of the Assembly is now $142,000 per year.

State representatives in California are the next highest salary at $119,000 per year. In comparison, Federal lawmakers make a base salary of $174,000 per year.

Lawmakers across the country at all levels have a special ability that most people who work do not have, the ability to vote and give themselves a raise. This is the 2nd raise that New York Lawmakers have approved for themselves since 2018.

Back in 2019, the Buffalo Common Council and Mayor voted themselves a raise as well.

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