A majority of New York State school board members support a bar exam-type test for new teachers, saying it would improve teacher quality throughout the state.

Tim Kremer, executive director for the agency, says this is a sign of a changing landscape for teachers.

"The pressure to improve the quality of teaching and the quality of learning, educational results, is extreme right now," Kremer said.

More than half of those polled also want a public petition for school district consolidation, rather than have schools waste money on failed initiatives.

"School boards often bring consolidation proposals forward only to have them rejected by the community," Kremer said. "Regionalization initiatives must be crafted very carefully so schools aren't constantly reacting to initiatives that will ultimately not win widespread support in the community."

What they don't want is a longer school day, with only 34 percent saying their districts would apply for a grant.

Kremer says several issues prevent schools from moving forward with the concept, including grant writing costs, where to add learning time and lack of sustainability once the grant is exhausted.

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