Friday, our buddy Pete Caldera, from was on The Drive with Charlie & Dan. Pete is the beat writer for the New York Yankees and relayed a story that he wrote about in Friday's paper regarding Yankee legendary radio broadcaster John Sterling.

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According to Caldera, "River Road in Edgewater lived up to its name, and John Sterling’s Cadillac became stuck in the flash flood produced by Ida’s churning remnants. About a quarter mile from home, and no way to get there - with water cresting nearly above his tires - the long-time radio voice of the New York Yankees was eventually rescued by fellow broadcaster Rickie Ricardo on Wednesday night."

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Caldera spoke with Sterling about the incident, “Without him, I’m in trouble, I was scared." That is completely understandable for any person but John Sterling is 83 years old. I know he is amazing to be doing what he is doing but driving in a flood is no joke and it is scary.

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Pete said that "After remotely broadcasting Wednesday night’s 4-1 Yankees win over the Angels at Anaheim from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, Sterling got into his car for the usual 25-minute ride home. “I drove home OK, and I was almost there,’’ said Sterling, who began noticing some abandoned cars on River Road. “And then my car shorted out. It’s pouring and the water is almost up to your waist,’’ said Sterling, whose first instinct was to call broadcast partner Suzyn Waldman, who instructed him to phone Ricardo (Waldman does the games remotely from home. Ricardo was at Yankee Stadium, doing his postgame show).

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And that's what happened. Ricardo showed up, “He drove me home, but it wasn’t easy,’’ said a thankful Sterling.
The water never got into Sterling's car, though Ricardo estimates it was about "two-and-a-half feet'' deep when he reached the Voice of the Yankees" said Caldera.

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Pete Caldera does an awesome job covering the Yankees. You can read all of his articles at

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