Newt Gingrich definitely knows how to play to his audience. In a campaign speech near Cape Canaveral, FL, on Wednesday, Gingrich promised that, as president, he would push to colonize the moon.

Of course, in Florida, the space program is an important issue. Their “space coast” has been struggling since the final shuttle launched in July and President Obama canceled the lunar landing program. This makes it the perfect place for Gingrich to make what are being referred to as “grandiose” promises. And, to keep himself covered, he made sure to make his promise for a permanent space station on the moon due at the end of his second term as president.

Comparing himself to other “grandiose” figures in history like Lincoln, Kennedy and the Wright brothers, Gingrich also said that he hoped more than 13,000 Americans would end up living on the moon so they could petition to be a state. He’s hoping his plans to revive the space program will encourage Americans to work together to develop technology and prompt children with dreams of living in space to study math, science and engineering.

He said, “I wanted every young American to say to themselves, I could be one of those 13,000. I could be a pioneer. I need to study science and math and engineering. I need to learn how to be a technician. I can be a part of building a bigger better future. I can be part of a generation of courageous people who do something big and bold and heroic.”

In his speech, Gingrich also outlined a plan for regular launches into space and trips to Mars by 2020. He demanded that we no longer be limited by outdated technology.

Many candidates are currently stumping in the Sunshine State, as Floridians will vote in their primary next Tuesday.

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