The Bagg's Square Association is launching the first annual Bagg's Square Awards to celebrate the people and businesses that have shaped Utica's most historic neighborhood.

The awards will be given to those that have shaped the neighborhood in the past, are currently advocating to move Bagg's Square forward and are helping to reach the goal of making Bagg's Square a desirable, mixed use neighborhood.

Nominations are now being accepted for three awards:

The Bagg's Square Legacy Award -

Presented to an individual who has contributed to the neighborhood in a significant way in the past, been a long time neighborhood supporter and has spearheaded a project or run a business that has had a lasting affect on the neighborhood.

The Bagg's Square neighborhood Advocate Award -

For an individual who is currently working on a project, event, business or cause that is advancing the neighborhood, is an advocate for for the neighborhood's growth and success and exemplifies neighborhood collaboration and support by helping to promote Bagg's Square.

Bagg's Square Business Of The Year Award -

For a business located in Bagg's Square that adds to the economic vitality, culture and overall feel of the neighborhood and also helps to bring positive awareness of Bagg's Square.

"We thought it was important as we build the brand of Bagg's Square to always celebrate the past and the history of where the neighborhood came from," said Michelle Truett of the Bagg's Square Association.

She added that as of today there have already been close to 30 nominations so far.

If you'd like to nominate an individual or business, you can go to the Bagg's Square website, select the award you are nominating someone for and simply provide your name and contact information along with who you are nominating with a short sentence or two about why you feel they deserve to win.

Nominations are being accepted until Monday, January 26 and the winners will be announced on February 3.