New York State is employing its residents in the fight against terrorism.Governor Andrew Cuomo is announcing the "See Something, Send Something" mobile application.

The app allows New Yorkers to report suspicious activity by using their smart phones to send a photo or written note to the New York State Intelligence Center.  The tip will be reviewed and sent to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

According to a written release the Governor's office is offering the following tips:

  • Know the normal routines of where you live and work;
  • Be aware of what is going on around you, including suspicious or out of place individuals, vehicles, mail, packages; or luggage abandoned in a crowded place, such as an airport of shopping mall;
  • Be suspicious of individuals recording, watching or unusually photographing or monitoring activities, especially near critical infrastructure.

The app is available for free at:

The app is available in five other states: Colorado, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

As part of the security enhancements in New York more officers are being hired for major transportation venues throughout the five major boroughs in New York.