A 73-year-old man who struck a deer while driving his motorcycle in Western New York survived the crash but died soon after.

According to New York State Police, Frank Butcher, 73, was traveling on Akron Road in the town of Royalton when he struck a deer that entered the roadway. Royalton is approximately one-hour West of Rochester.

Arriving Troopers say Butcher was coherent and appeared to have suffered only minor injuries, but did require treatment. However, police say as Butcher was being transported to Millard Filmore Hospital in the Buffalo-area, he went into cardiac arrest. Despite life saving efforts, Butcher - of Lockport, NY - would later be pronounced dead, state police said.

The Erie County Medical Examiner's Office will conduct an autopsy to determine his official cause of death, police said, adding that it is still considered an active investigation.

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