It's not every day 100 high school students from New York get to play at a Presidential Inauguration. In fact, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Oppenheim Ephratah St. Johnsville Central School Band who performed in Washington, D.C.

The band held 3 performances. One at Fort McHenry, another at the Jefferson Memorial and finally at the National Cathedral.

Band member Aeriel Schorer enjoyed the trip but says she didn't want it to end. "It was fun. I had a great time but am sad we have to leave."

If performing at a Presidential Inauguration isn't special enough, band teach Dianne Mott gave the students a gift to mark the occasion. "Our band teacher Mrs. Mott is the best teacher ever. She handed medals out to all the band members at the cathedral."

Aeriel Schorer
Aeriel Schorer

Check out photos from the trip that the kids won't soon forget. Way to make New York proud.


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