Members of the Oneida County Opioid Task Force, along with community partners, met at SUNY Poly in Marcy on Wednesday.

County Executive Anthony Picente says the Task Force will be restructured to include groups made up of prevention, recovery and treatment enhancement teams.

“The Oneida County Opioid Task Force has been having an immense impact on this scourge that has plagued our community,” Picente said. “The current moment lends itself to greater stakeholder involvement and collaboration in attacking the opioid epidemic. The restructuring of our Task Force will maximize cross-sector engagement, and utilize a holistic approach that employs evidence-based strategies and practices informed by people with substance use disorder to produce even greater results.”

The Task Force is one of six communities to receive a two-year, $600,000 federal grant from the U.S Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support data driven responses to emerging drug threats.

Picente says the attendance at today’s summit shows the community is engaged in the fight to combat the opioid epidemic.

Andrew Derminio, WIBX
Andrew Derminio, WIBX

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