Oneida County has launched a new program that helps people with sons and daughters working out of the region or out of state, to bring their children home.

The program is focusing on the fact that young people who are working now in major cities around the country, might be living in tougher conditions because of COVID-19. The idea that life with COVID is much easier dealt with in Oneida County, could inspire family members to move back to Oneida County, and still work their jobs in larger cities remotely.

Companies today are allowing employees to work remotely, so the idea of County Executive Anthony Picente is for these young people to bring their families back to Oneida County where the cost of living is much less and they have the support of family - all the while continuing to work their out of town job and earn that big city paycheck.

Oneida County is offering to assist with a program called ReConnect Oneida County, where the County helps with the move home, by connecting people with workspace, technology, affordable housing, advanced healthcare and more.

The campaign is targeting young people who are working out of town who often times have young children, that would benefit from being near immediate family. The employee would live and work in Oneida County where the cost of living is significantly lower, but would still maintain their out of town job.

For information on the program, log onto the web page at Re-Connect Oneida County.

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