Oneida County's streak sadly continued in Friday's report with the loss of three more county residents to coronavirus.

It's now 51 days in a row (dating back to November 25) that an Oneida County resident has died from COVID-19, and as is the case many days, it wasn't just one but multiple. In the first 9 months of the pandemic (March through almost all of November), the county reported 141 deaths from the virus. Over the last 51 days, it has reported 143.

The county's overall death toll now stands at 284.

Also in Friday's report, Oneida County jumped back above the 300-mark for new positive test results in a single day, a number local health officials already hoped they had seen for the last time. The 313 new cases announced Friday helped push the county's active case total to 6,872 - yet again a record for the county for active, known cases at one time.

The number of county residents hospitalized locally or out of the area for treatment of the virus was flat, up one from the prior day to 164.

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Herkimer County also reported a virus related death on Friday, it's 41st since the start of the pandemic. Of those 41 deaths, also dating back to March, 23 have come in the last three weeks.

Some good news as the new positive test results in Herkimer County were double-digits, not triple. The county added 77 new cases in Friday's update, but that did propel the county's active case total to a new height of 1,351.

Fifty-eight Herkimer County residents are hospitalized for treatment of COVID-19.


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