Some people will do everything they can to have the craziest pets imaginable, this case is no different.

There have been pet raccoons, ducks, geese, deer and so many more. You can own several of these animals legally in New York with a permit, others not so much. Thiis one has to top the list of craziest pets to own.


DEC Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) Chris DeRose was sent down to Suffolk County after receiving reports of a family keeping an alligator in their home. DeRose then sent the report to the Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigators, who sent several investigators to patrol the property in Bayport.

When Investigators Eastwood and Grady discovered the homeowners did not have a permit to own the alligator, they tried to contact the family. After several attempts, they were finally able to get ahold of owners. They instead denied any reptiles being inside their house.

Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

The homeowners eventually told the truth, after being told about the ongoing investigation and consequences they'd face if they didn't comply. That's when they turned over the five-foot, nine-year-old alligator, named "Zachary", to the DEC Investigators at their headquarters.

The owners are now facing administrative charges for the possession of a wild animal without a permit

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Crazy enough, this isn't this first pet incident ECO Chris DeRose has faced within the past month. He was recently in Nassau County to surrender a Canadian Goose that was being caged as a pet under this family's trampoline.

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