The two alligators captured in the area of Whitney Point, NY this week have a new home. And, you're probably very familiar with it.

They now reside at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY. Yes, that is the home of April the giraffe, whose pregnancy and labor literally garnered the attention of millions of online viewers worldwide this past spring.

Owner Jordan Patch joins the Keeler in the Morning to talk about his new tenants - currently measured at 36 and 45-inches, he said.

As to how the gators got to upstate New York, Patch says it's likely someone purchased them as exotics pets but says there are many theories.

But, as they grow they become less cute, co-mingled with attitude and strength, they quickly become less desirable 'pets'.


''In New York State it is illegal to keep any crocodilians, but just across the border in Pennsylvania you can acquire them as pets,'' Patch said.

''Somebody that's in New York under these regulations that now has got themselves backed into a corner, and they don't know what to do or who to turn to without getting in trouble...''

Whereas, if the owners had been in Pennsylvania, he theorized, they'd have a market to sell them.

And, what about the number - are there more than two?

Maybe, says Patch, but adds 'observations and private parties that went and looked for the gators, the fact that there's been no sightings since, I'd like to think there's only two - we'll see.

The gators are getting a diet of mice, rats, and small chunks of beef and chicken, Patch said.

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