If you're looking to take a vacation, take a vacation to New York State's most underrated city.


That perfect vacation destination could be hiding right here in plain site in the heart of New York's incredible Finger Lakes Region. Prevention Magazine put together a list of “The Most Underrated U.S. Cities to Visit in Every State.” It’s unclear exactly what criteria they used to pick the cities that appeared in the travel guide, simply saying these were cities that you may just drive through or fly over without thinking to stop and visit.

According to Prevention, the most underrated city in New York is Watkins Glen. In choosing Watkins Glen they said:

No town in the Finger Lakes is quite as enchanting as Watkins Glen. This tiny village shares its name with the Watkins Glen State Park and is also known for its international race track, which plays host to the NASCAR Cup Series and WeatherTech SportsCar Championship races."

The Finger Lakes in general have received a lot of love this last year:

Finger Lakes one of the best places to travel this year

Travel + Leisure is calling the Finger Lakes one of the best places to travel this year.

The "centrally isolated" geographic positioning of FLX, as it's been dubbed in recent years, means denizens take great pride and intentionally invest in this dispersed assortment of towns and sites full of rich, diverse histories."

The Finger Lakes have so many things to offer for any traveler. You can read plenty of those activities online here.

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