A Camden man who may have been looking to get a little revenge after being evicted has now taken up residence at the Oneida County Jail.

New York State Police arrested Joshua Chamberlain, 26, and say he confessed to ripping out more than 200-pounds of copper and aluminum from his former home on Preston Hill Road in the town of Vienna. Chamberlain had been evicted from the property back in March, but returned in April, apparently breaking in to the home to gut it of copper pipping and aluminum radiators, police say.

He then scrapped all that metal, amounting to 187 pounds worth of copper and another 41-pounds of radiator coils. The sheer amount of copper and aluminum Chamberlain scrapped seemed suspicious to officials at a local recycling center, prompting a call to police back in April. Investigators say at the time, there were no reports of a burglary or theft of the metal, so they responded and simply took photos of the piping and radiators.

Police say the home owner was unaware of the gutting of metal from the property and didn't report the incident until earlier this month. And, those photos proved important, as State Police say the owner was able to tie the scrap to his property based on a unique marking found on the piping.

After being arrested and questioned about the metal, police say Chamberlain made a full confession. He's been sent to the Oneida County Jail without bail pending future court proceedings.

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