We've seen it too many times and heard about it in the news, about how a night out on the town takes a dangerous and traumatic turn.

RAINN reports that "every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted." They add that while progress is being made every day "only 25 out of every 1,000 rapists will end up in prison."

Bars around the Poughkeepsie, New York area are now offering a shot to assist patrons when they believe they are in an unsafe situation or potentially dangerous situation. It's called the Angel Shot.

What is an Angel Shot?

So by now, you've probably figured out that an Angel Shot isn't a shot of liquor, it's not even a real drink. If someone approaches a bar and orders an Angel Shot it means that they feel unsafe. Whether they're out for drinks with friends or on a date, bartenders will know that means you need help to get out of the situation.

According to BudgetBrander.com, there are variations to the shot. If you order it in certain ways it will tell the bartender what level of help they need. For example:

  1. Neat or straight up: the guest needs an escort to their car;
  2. On ice: the server should get the patron a taxi or an Uber; or
  3. With lime or a twist: staff should call the police.

Many bars will post the Angel Shot information in the women's bathroom. The Angel Shot is a spinoff of the Ask for Angela campaign from the UK. BudgetBrander writes:

This campaign was designed to prevent sexual assault by urging people who felt unsafe on a date or around another patrol to “Ask for Angela.” When staff got the request, they would call a cab or order a rideshare and help the individual leave the situation discreetly – and safely.

Marist Social Media Pushes for Angel Shot

Thanks to the Marist Chicks Instagram account, female students now know that many of the popular Poughkeepsie bars are on board with the Angel Shot. Take a look at one of their latest posts:

If you're looking for more details about Sexual Violence and Assault, including safety tips for parents and students as well as warning signs and prevention visit RAINN.org. 

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