Many professional sports teams will take out insurance on their stars as a way to protect their financial 'investments' in the case a player suffers a serious injury or runs into some off-the-field issue that prohibits them from contributing to the team.

Well, now you can do the same in your Fantasy Football league.

Yes, I'm serious.

Fantasy Football Protect offers insurance for what they have deemed the top 100 players - a fluctuating list of the biggest fantasy stars in the NFL.

Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

We learned all about it this week on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning. For example, if your ante in a money league is $100, you can insure that investment, if say, your top pick was Arian Foster and he gets hurt for any length of time.

A spokesman for the service says Foster's going insurance rate is $12 for a $100 insurance 'package'. So if Foster goes down, you get your $100 league ante back, then you can still fight it out to try and win your fantasy league.

And, let's say, you scramble and recover from having a top player go down and recover to win your league anyway. Doesn't matter, your 'insurance policy' on that top ranked player is still in effect. So, you get your league buy-in for free basically and still have a chance to win some cash in your money league.

Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

The policies are available through the first four weeks of the season, but last for the duration of the fantasy season.

And, coming soon, expect similar insurance offerings basketball, baseball and hockey fantasy leagues.

Listen to the full interview for more details: