News from Remington Arms in Ilion hasn't been positive as of late. Recently, the company announced intentions to file for Chapter 11 and that has employees and residents from the region on edge; however, you might be surprised to find that the company hiring.  In fact, in 2018 Herkimer County's largest employer has hired back nearly 60 employees, according to workers who asked not to be identified.  Additionally, Remington is seeking new employees to fill some key positions currently.

According to Working Solutions, Remington in Ilion is looking to hire people to fill the following job openings:

For information on these jobs visit the Working Solutions website.

Last month, Remington reached an agreement for funding with its creditors allowing one of America's largest and oldest gunmakers to operate as they file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Remington faces nearly $1 billion in debt after sluggish gun sales since the election of President Donald Trump. Analysts believe that gun owners felt more secure with a Trump presidency which lead to a decrease in gun sales market wide.

Remington is also looking to add a handful of jobs at their other locations throughout the country including their newest plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

Currently, nearly 970 workers are employed at Remington Arms in Ilion.


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