AT&T has made a new upgrade to their cellular service for customers in Upstate New York recently and if you have the proper phone (basically any of their line-up of new smart phones), you've probably noticed a huge difference in voice quality.

It's called HD Voice and it's being touted as clearer with less background noise; this week, we decided to test it live on the air.

The new technology was rolled out in the Utica area earlier this month and for many users the change was automatic.  Currently, the technology only works on the latest phones and only when both users are on an AT&T HD compatible cell phone; however, the technology will eventually become cross carrier.

For example, the iPhone 6 is automatically compatible and you'll most likely immediately notice it when the call is connected.

This week, the Keeler in the Morning show tested it out with AT&T's rep Greeley Ford and the difference in quality was impressive over the airwaves.  Listen here to what it sounded like on the air-

AT&T says the difference is clear:

Clear conversations and reduced background noise so you feel like you're right next to each other. Make and receive high-definition voice calls and enjoy:

  • Crisp call quality
  • Less background noise
  • Simultaneous voice and data at 4G LTE speeds

Here's their video explaining the new technology.

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