The Rome, NY man who claims he was the "mob fixer" in Hollywood several years ago says he's settled a dispute with the son of a reputed mobster, Sonny Franzese. Orlando Spado says Franzese was one of his closest friends before his death last year and he has nothing bad to say about his son Michael.

A caller into WIBX on Monday following Spado's promotion of his appearance at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas, claimed the younger Franzese was furious with Spado and called him a "liar and a rat." Spado was quick to contradict the claim.

With permission from Ori Spado.

Spado said there was a dispute between he and the mobster son and it played out on YouTube. He said he called Michael Franzese out on the criticism and the two of them worked out their differences.

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"I have nothing bad to say about Michael," said Spado.

The elder Franzese was a long-time member and under-boss of the Columbo crime family who spent several years in federal prison and died in New York City in February of last year at the age of 103. Spado says they were very close and it was Sonny Franzese that walked him into the world of organized crime. Spado says he was the "mob fixer" in Hollywood which meant whenever anyone had a problem with the mob, including celebrities, he would serve as the "go between" in order to fix the issue.

Book cover, courtesy of Ori Spado.

Spado's book, Accidental Gangster - from Insurance Salesmen to Mob Boss in Hollywood is available at Amazon and where ever books are sold.

Listen to the complete interview with Keeler this week.

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