A decade old-dream for 2 brothers in Rome is one step closer to reality.

Dennis and Paul Evanciew have big plans. The brothers, who have been building Summerville Log Homes all over the state since 2002, are moving in a new direction. They are focusing on building a new restaurant and ice cream shop, an idea they've had for a while. "We thought about it years ago when we built the former Cozy Cabin, now the Fuji steakhouse," said Dennis.

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City Approval

Plans for the restaurant/ice cream shop have been given the ok by the city. They now go to the planning board for approval which could take anywhere from 2 to 3 months.

The plan is to build a nearly 1,800 square foot restaurant with a 1,000 square foot pavilion that would feature 3000 covered outdoor seats on the corner of Link Road and Route 69, about a mile past Walmart. "We will serve homemade soft and hard ice cream we'll be making on-site, using milk from local farmers," said Dennis.

Credit - Dennis Evanciew
Credit - Dennis Evanciew

Summer 2023

If everything goes as planned, Dennis and Paul hope to have the new restaurant and ice cream shop open by the summer of 2023. Once it's done, Dennis said he and his brother will step away from their log home business. "We aren't getting any younger so we want to end one venture and focus on another. We do have a lot of big plans for 2024 too."

A name for the new place is still being worked on but Dennis said it'll be open from April 1 until October 31 each year, giving the brothers who've worked hard all their lives time to relax. Maybe somewhere warm during the winter? "That's the plan," laughed Dennis.

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