The FDA is proposing legislation that could potentially hurt farmers and brewers across New York State.

For over 100 years, "spent grains" - a natural byproduct of the brewing process have been sold to farms at a very low cost for use as an inexpensive feed for livestock.

The spent or "wet" grains are great for livestock because they are rich in protein and fiber and also hydrate the animals as they eat.

If the new FDA legislation moves forward brewers will have to meet a series of challenging requirements before selling or donating the spent grains to farmers.

Senator Charles Schumer was at the F.X. Matt Brewery in Utica today to call on the FDA to change the legislation to protect the partnership between farmers and brewers.

He says the new law will drastically drive up feed costs for farmers and disposal costs for brewers, a move that may force them to pay to haul the spent grains to landfills.

Schumer says at least 90% of brewers across the country sell or donate spent grains to farmers.

"We are trying to keep family farms alive and grow our craft brewing industry," Schumer said. "But this absurd rule would hurt them both."

The legislation is now in the comment period and will have 30 days before it goes into effect.