Europe exports music, art and culture trends to America. The U.S. exports…doughnuts. Traffic police in Scotland were called in to relieve a massive snarl during the opening of the country's first Krispy Kreme store, whose drive-thru window caused mile-long jams.

Thankfully, the Scottish police cleared the jam by eating all the doughnuts. Just kidding. They advised citizens to stay away from that area of the city. Pics or it didn't happen? Here you go:

Krispy Kreme began serving its glazed, sugary doughnuts on Wednesday in Edinburgh. The outpost of the American doughnut shop became a must-see destination for Scots, who apparently have nothing to eat but haggis, colcannon and porridge. (For what it's worth, a fast food place called Haggis King would rule.)  By Friday, the line of cars heading into the shop got longer and longer, until patrol cars were sent to gain control.

According to officials, drivers waited more than an hour to pay £10 (about $15) for a dozen of doughnuts. The police who helped alleviate the jam were given doughnuts as thanks....And so it begins.

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