Thursday, September 18th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- The Vikings came out to explain that they made a mistake and at the press conference it was clear they were given talking points by the NFL because they said "We have to get this thing right" about 25 times.

- There is another NFL player that has been arrested on domestic violence charges. Arizona running back Johnathan Dwyer has been charged with an incident back in July.

- The Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy has been convicted of domestic abuse and is probably the one whose deactivation is the most warranted.

- Bill talks about the Adrian Peterson situation and how this is a cultural thing. He's not defending what Peterson did, but it's not like he got drunk and beat his son out of anger.

- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has cancer. The tumor that he had removed was biopsied and it was found he has pleomorphic liposarcoma.


- Bill has brought in his old Buffalo Bills CD and we go through and enjoy the different cuts on it.


- The Scottish independence vote is going on today and exit polls are showing right now that the Scots will secede from the United Kingdom.

- Obama has sent out a tweet against Scotland's Independence.

- We talk about the latest from Ferguson, MO. The case for the officer is before a grand jury right now.

- Ken Boone from the Weather Channel: Ken Boone gives us our weather channel forecast and he gives us a freeze warning and possibly frost. It will be cold overnight, but the rest of the week should be pretty good.

- We could see some warm weather this weekend, but we could see a cold front come in and cool things right down.

Peter Franklin - True Tales

- We ask Peter about his tours and what they're like.

- We talk about a woman who is missing because she has Alzheimer's and an alert came out giving her description and the description of the car she was driving.

- We talk about Joan Rivers and her clinic that caused her death.

- New York City has the World's Biggest Cannoli.

- To Read Up On More Of Peter's True Tales:

Brenda Episcopo - The United Way

- Before we get to Brenda Episcopo, we talk about the new iPhone and Apple products.

- The new app that Bill is using is called My Fitness Pal. It's the new operating system that Bill likes. This type of technology could change things considerably.

- We talk to Brenda about the iPhone and how excited she and her husband Matt are.

- We talk about the Kickoff Campaign for The United Way taking place at The Utica Zoo tonight at 5pm-7pm.

Brandon Lang - Pro Football Picks

- Brandon makes his week 3 picks and he starts things off by picking Tampa over Atlanta.

- He also makes his pick for the Buffalo.

- For more picks visit Brandon's website:

- We ask Brandon Lang about the NFL giving teams talking points and their handling of this situation.

Jeremy Jobe - Advertising Expert

- Before we get to Jeremy we play one of Bill's new favorite song and we talk with Alison about Bill's rash and his handling of the situation.

- The number one rule of marketing is to not talk about rashes and Jeremy believes it depends on the audience.

- Jeremy discusses the obvious use of talking points with the Vikings owners. We start off playing the montage of the "get this right" clips.

- Jeremy talks about the fact that they're not the correct talking points. He believes they need to do a PSA much like the anti-drug campaign in the 1980s.

- He likes the campaign idea of "Real Men Have Self-Control."


- We talk about the rash again and we do so to make people realize that some of these medicines do have side effects and you need to pay attention to them.


- We talk about the story of the Schenectady teen who took the cat photo and it won't be allowed to be his senior photo for the yearbook, but the principal did dedicate a page for it.

- There is a guy in Queens who doesn't want an Indian Family to move in next door and so he's been placing pornographic images in the window.

- There is a story of a man named Melvin Hunt and he went to give another PE teacher a hug and he cut off 8 inches of her hair. She didn't understand why he did it.

- There were some people that were passengers in a friends car and they got into an accident because the passengers lit the drivers armpit hair on fire.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

- John is here for Craft Beer of the Week!

- In keeping with the fall traditions Naegele has brought us another Pumpkin Ale and it is "Country Pumpkin" by Ithaca Beer Co.

- We talk about Fall fashion as well and we also talk about what beers to pair with what foods.


- We talk about young people driving and mistakes that were made and survival.

- If you have a new corvette you can put it in a "valet" mode so that they can monitor what goes on when the car is parked.

- We talk about the EZ Pass and the states favor of the EZ Pass.

- Technology can be a blessing and a curse.

- Vinny calls in to talk about a real black box in vehicles for data storage.

- Tony calls in to talk about the City of Rome and they're starting to put dummies in cars as a deterrent from speeding.

Ginger Oliver - Haiti Rehab 5k

- Their event allows for people who are disabled to also participate which is why they added the "roll" part.

- It's to benefit relief efforts in Haiti.

- They are going to have great food and great fun!

- For more information on how to register for the run and walk and for more information on Haiti Relief go to:

- A helicopter in New York City had a near miss with a drone and it brings up the question of safety and air space sharing.

- We conclude with a drone discussion and that is what's going on at Griffiss. They are testing so that airspace security can be tested.

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