Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
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Newsmaker of the Day: Enterovirus
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***Today’s Topics***


- We got off to a rough start today. Between feeding in another station on our air, playing a song with an "F" word in it, and the power drops out.

- We try and discuss the Adrian Peterson case and we bring up the fact that a second allegation has arose involving a photo of another little boy with a scar on his head. Peterson denies vehemently this allegation.


- We are beginning to see the Enterovirus here locally. It is a respiratory illness that is effecting children and there is a reported case in Madison County.

- Hospitals in Rome are taking effective measures to prevent this from spreading.

- Bill brings up the fact that he isn't feeling well and he has some kind of mysterious rash. He feels like it may be due to the fact that he was preparing some hot peppers, but it could be something else, dare I say Shingles?

- We also call up Bill's wife Alison for her take on the situation and what she saw.

- Wayne and Keith the Paper Guy calls in to talk about the rash and shingles.


- We continue the rash discussion and Bill gives Kristine and Jeff a look at what's going on with his rash and we take a video to seek help.

- Bill talks about a story of a couple that stopped at a Taco Bell for breakfast. They had to wait so long for their food to be ordered, by the time they got to the order spot they were done serving breakfast. They got so mad they chased down the woman that was in front of them and bashed her window in and hit her in the head and face with a rock.

- She's getting married in a few weeks and will not cancel.

- We bring this story up because of the fact that domestic violence happens every day and everywhere, not just the NFL.

- Richard Lewelling gives us his daily Weather Channel forecast and it looks like it's going to be a nice weekend!


- There is a GOP staffer, former Arizona state senator, Russell Pierce who has resigned because he said if he was put in charge of medicaid, that women who are on it need to be sterilized.

- If you want to reproduce or do drugs, you need to get a job.

- There is a story out of North Carolina where a woman was being arrested by police and stabbed a police officer with a pen even though he was spraying her with pepper spray.

- A kid in Calgary was suspended when he was caught dealing Pepsi out of his locker.


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- We have guests coming on during our 8:00 hour where a woman put up a photo of a photo that was found at the scene of the 9/11 attack. The photo is a wedding photo and every year a woman posts it on social media. Finally the photo was reunited with the people in the photo.

- Bill is excited about the new operating system for the iPhone will allow you to exit the group text message! That is awesome because there may be something you're not interested in anymore or doesn't concern you and it won't bother you anymore.

- The Forrest Gump soundtrack dilemma comes up again.

Natalie Brown - Executive Director of the YWCA

- Natalie Brown is the Executive Director of the YWCA here in Utica and with everything happening in the NFL it has opened the door to raise awareness of domestic violence.

- October is Domestic Violence awareness month. Natalie wants to focus on this month getting the word out about the early warning signs of domestic violence and how to prevent it.

- The NFL is reacting really because its a PR nightmare and money. Natalie wants people to raise awareness about how woman can find help.

- We ask Natalie about her reaction to the statement of Ray Rice's wife coming out in support of her husband. It is a complex situation that people need to recognize the early signs. We don't want the red flags to be a white flag.

- Survivors of domestic violence say that they've been helped by people over and over again and sometimes it takes 7 times to finally have them disconnect.

- In the county they had over 1,500 cases reported. Every time they go out to speak and people self-identify with a situation they're going through or people they know that are going through it.

- The Hotline Number for People Who Need Help: 797-7740. You can call that number in any situation, whether it be a family member or an abuse victim.

Ryan Nobles - Big Announcement

- Ryan got his start at WKTV and then got a job working for Joe Griffo and Oneida County, but then he moved to Richmond and now he just got hired as a National Correspondent at CNN. He will be moving to D.C. and may pop up in a report here in Utica.

- His job will basically be reporting on the big story of the day for local affiliates.

- He talks about how ahead of the curve CNN is with social media, online content, and etc.

- The last time we talked to Ryan Nobles it was because of the video of the wall painting and people started commenting on their parenting skills.

- We talk about how critical and negative social media users can be.

Cheryl Geiler - Director of Community Health Services (Madison County)

- Cheryl is on to talk about Enterovirus and she tells us that it is a common virus. This virus is in the category of cold and other minor childhood illnesses.

- Bill compares it to the one year that an epidemic of shark attacks was going on which wasn't true, but because the media covered it so much they thought it was the worst year for it, but there was less that year than in the past.

- The children that you're seeing in the news that are severe are children with respiratory problems already.

- The CDC has classified it as D68. She reminds us to take close attention to preventing the spread of germs. The message is be clean and do all the right things and don't panic.

Senator Joe Griffo

- There is a story on our website right now with a video of Joe Load trying to get on a roof with a ladder. Check it out here:

- Now to Senator Griffo!

- Tomorrow from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at the North Utica Senior Citizens Community Center there will be a forum in which one of the Public Service commissioners will be present.

- People have concerns about utilities and the prices and the hope is that this forum will answer any and all questions the public has.

- Gas prices are discussed as well, but that is really something that the AG would handle.

Tom Laurenson

- Tom is a native Scot and has been living in the US for 13 years. He now lives in Little Falls.

- He commentates Scottish sports, is a former educator, and now he has started a radio station specifically for Little Falls.

- The situation currently in Scotland is that the Scots want to gain their independence from the United Kingdom. Despite fighting for years to be separate in the 1700s, Scotland and England partnered up, but it has become somewhat of an abusive partnership.

- The goal is really to regain independence and help national pride. The military spending will decrease if they were to gain their independence.

- Scotland is a small country and we know one another. If terror was to become a threat, they will know about it and will be prepared for it.

- Scotland is for the most part a very peaceful and trusting nation. Some people hate the British, but some have relatives and friends there.

- There would be no difference in regards to the European Union if they are or aren't a part of the United Kingdom. The biggest concern for David Cameron is the North Sea Oil Resources.

The 9/11 Photo Story

- We speak with Elizabeth Keefe and Fred Mahe who are involved in this crazy story. Elizabeth originally was given the photo by a friend and for years she tried to reach out to the people in the photo.

- Fred Mahe explains the story of the wedding in the photo. It was a wedding in Aspen in March of 2001. He was is in the photo and so he found out from a friend that someone is looking for you. He explains who everyone is in the photo.

- The photo was on Fred's desk at the WTC. Fred talks about his experience on the actual day of 9/11. The attack began at 8:46 AM and he was slated to be to work at 9:00 or 9:10. He luckily never entered the building.

- Elizabeth didn't know what to expect when it comes to the photo or the back story. She had thought of some possibilities of what had happened and she was glad that it was a good outcome.

Here Is The Photo Courtesy Of E. Stringer Keefe via Twitter


- We review the Joe Load story and the video showing his fear of heights. You can see the video by scrolling up in our Show Notes.

- William calls up to talk about Ryan Nobles and his new job at CNN.

- We talk about the Kent State University clothing being sold at Urban Outfitters and they have apologized for their actions and if it offended anyone, but they don't plan to pull them.

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