You love to see it.

Ya really do.

I seem to keep saying that over and over again when it comes to the Buffalo Bills. Seemingly, is the best way to start the story because, in fact, during this crazy-good Buffalo-Bills era, it is such a fun time to be a Bills Mafia Fan.

The Buffalo Bills absolutely steam-rolled the New England Patriots, in front of a national audience, and more importantly, a very deserving Buffalo, New York crowd. The Bills went on to win 47 to 7 and have officially played the National Football League's first ever 'perfect' offensive game.

What does it mean to have a 'perfect' offensive game? Every single time that Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills had the football the result was a touchdown. Minus, the very ending when Buffalo knelt the ball to let the clock roll out, it was perfect: no field goals, no first downs, no punts, nothing.

After the game Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott, took to the media and was talking to the media and made a comment about the fans here in Western New York and it was one of those statements that every fan should hear. He gets it. He understands the people here. He understands the culture and as a fan, it is really nice to see him recognize it.

Josh Allen shared a similar sentiment as well:

It feels good for the fans, I know that. I’m glad we could give that to them, but at the end of the day it’s a playoff game that we advanced on. Doesn’t matter what we did this week, or last week, or the week before. What matters is what we do going forward", he said during his press conference on Saturday night.

EXTRA: Did you know that there is a cemetery located at Highmark Stadium? To some it may be surprising, but for some die-hard fans, they have been seeing the cemetery for years.

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