Help is on the way for the New Hartford School District, which up until now has been facing a reported $900,000 deficit going into the upcoming fiscal year.  Senator Joseph Griffo told WIBX that the budget passed over the weekend in Albany will include about $433,000 more in Foundation Aid for the district along with an additional nearly $300,000 in Bullet Aid from the Senate, a one-time boost to help get the district back in good financial standing.

"We spoke with Bob Nole (Superintendent of Schools) and he explained the district's critical situation and we were able to negotiate the extra funds and I think New Hartford is going to be okay," Griffo told WIBX's Bill Keeler on WIBX. Griffo also credited Assemblyman Brian Miller of New Hartford with assisting in the process.  The 'Bullet Aid' grants are distributed through the New York State Senate and are based on financial need.

New Hartford's School District has been in the middle of a budget crisis, as union representatives say they were told to expect layoffs, larger class sizes and program cuts.  Last week, school administrators posted a 'Fact vs. Fiction' graphic that claimed there wouldn't be program cuts and layoffs, after all. The school and the teachers are also in the midst of a nearly one-year contract dispute. The union and the district say they've reached a tentative agreement and teachers will be given the opportunity to vote on it, once it's released to members later this week.  Meanwhile, teachers are asking faculty, parents and the community to attend the next school board meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday evening at 7 at Bradley Elementary School on Oxford Road in the village.

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