The former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona has been following the national gun debate around the country and here in New York and says Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared himself the enemy.

Richard Mack says Cuomo ''has done that to himself, I just call em' as I see em'.''

And, regarding the recent State Supreme Court ruling to deny an injunction to halt the NY SAFE Act, ...''just because a court says segregation is 'OK' doesn't make it right, courts used to say that too.''

Sheriff Mack says to Governor Cuomo and other state officials, ''You don't get to pick and choose what parts of the constitution you get to defend.''

''You have the Governor of Texas telling the people of New York to come to Texas and live free,'' he says.

''[Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg] have committed perjury, they are going after citizens that have not committed crimes, that is a crime. They do not address the real crimes being committed in this country, the do not address inner city crime,'' adding that gangs, ''laugh at these laws, the only ones that these laws attack are law abiding, gun owning citizens.''

Where guns are most prevalent are where the fewest crimes occur, he said.

''They don't know what they're talking about when they say assault rifle.'' Mack says when people, including Piers Morgan, ask what do you need as assault rifle for, his response is ''It's none of your dam business.''