Many people who like to enjoy a cocktail after work, or over on the weekend aren't looking for a full meal. Sometimes they just want a little something to snack on while they enjoy their favorite adult beverage. That is where Ross Nadeau comes in. He has developed a full line of snack foods that 'pair well' with your drink of choice.

Alcohol has in many ways became an art-form. The founder of Pairwell Food Co. explains his motivation best on the company website.

When it comes to snacking, our mission is to inspire your taste buds and promote new discoveries. We encourage you to break the boundary of food and drink and enter a world where they exist in harmony.

So whether it's wine, or craft beer there is a snack for you in their line of products. Between the wine sticks and pint bites, you are sure to find something to suite your taste buds. You can find them all over the northeast region of the country and with all the amazing flavors, they have consumers always hungry (and thirsty) for more.

They have three flavors in their "Pint Bites" line including chili lime, sriracha, and sea salt & cracked pepper. The "Winesticks" have hints of pesto, parmigiano reggiano (perfect for the dry reds), or traditional sea salt to cleanse the pallet. For more information on Pairwell Food Co. visit their website.

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