It really doesn't feel like 'SNL' unless there's a commercial parody video, which have been the show's bread and butter for decades. Last night's episode had the first memorable fake ad in awhile, offering a look at the thankfully fictional CNN pregnancy test.

Although it looks like an ordinary home pregnancy test, the CNN name offers a totally unique experience that lives up to the precedent set by that name. That means the test will take its time to confirm that you are pregnant, keeping you in the loop at all times as it learns more information. And it turns out that the CNN pregnancy test treats your pregnancy like a missing airplane -- it'll keep on telling you it doesn't know anything for weeks on end but still insist on updating you with the fact that it doesn't know anything new. It's a painfully, woefully inefficient system that only leaves the couple at the center of the commercial frustrated and angry.

It's a clever way to take a jab at 24-hour news in general, with the pregnancy test theme allowing the satire to act as a knife instead of a sledgehammer. Sure, they could have made a more obvious sketch to mock CNN (they've done it before), but this is so much better.

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