A Saturday Night Live sketch that aired over the weekend has Western New Yorkers rolling on the floor laughing. 

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Lately, the writers of Saturday Night Live have had their eyes on Buffalo, New York. A few weeks ago, SNL made Western New Yorkers crack up during an NFL-themed sketch about how poorly Jets fans treat Bills fans on their home turf. This past Saturday night, the legendary late-night show put Buffalo in the spotlight once again, this time focusing on our record snowfall.

The hilarious sketch, called “The Holiday Train,”  opens with featured SNL cast member James Austin Johnson announcing the “final boarding for whatever the stop is before you get to Buffalo” (which is probably Rochester, but we digress). We then see co-hosts Steve Martin and Martin Short sitting together on a bouncing train with their friend, cast member Cecily Strong, striking up a conversation with Keenan Thompson, playing a man traveling to Buffalo on business. When Thompson laments that traveling for business is “the only reason anyone would want to go to Buffalo,” the rest of the group seems shocked. 

“Only reason?! But it’s the best place to see it!” Strong exclaims.

See what, you might ask?

Snow, of course!

With the memory of several feet of snow being dumped over Buffalo still fresh in our minds, we can agree that Buffalo is most definitely a place you’ll likely see some winter weather this holiday season. And it turns out that is what Martin, Short, and Strong’s characters are counting on -  because they’ve never seen it.

A musical interlude all about the magical snow in Buffalo ensues, complete with plenty of harmonizing, dancing, and old-fashioned Christmas movie vibes.

If, like many people (including Thompson’s businessman character), you’re wondering why these three are so obsessed with seeing snow in Buffalo, you’ll see why at the end of the sketch. Get ready for a massive plot twist you didn’t see coming.

Even though most people in Buffalo are sick of seeing and hearing about our loads of snow, it’s still pretty cool that comedy heavy hitters like Steve Martin and Martin Short took the time to highlight it on a national stage.

Watch the sketch and sing along about “snow in Buffalo” below.

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